About Us

Enterprise vision:

Lizhi, can let everyone realize dream, achieve career, and create value.

Enterprise tenet:

Dedicated to maximize customer benefits, so that the full realization of operator value;

Give employees opportunities for growth and development and make greater contributions to social welfare.

Management idea:

Pay honesty to customers, service as the guarantee, technology as the guide, to win the market with quality.

Enterprise spirit:

Dedication, hard work, enterprising and innovation.

Quality policy:

Based on customer satisfaction,  pursuit of the best quality, improve the process method, to achieve continuous improvement.

Team consciousness:

I rely on the survival of enterprises, enterprises rely on my development; I strive for enterprises, enterprises for my profit.

Employee spirit:

Passion, loyalty, perfection, no excuses, immediate action!

Enterprise style:

Pragmatic, hard work, diligence, every order is executed without fail.

Professional ethics:

Honest and trustworthy, dedicated, disciplined, honest quality.

Enterprise image:

Law abiding, scientific management, civilized, good style,

Good service, good quality, exquisite technology, pioneering and innovative.

Inspirational slogan of Lizhi's family:

Clear goals, hard, diligent work ready for it;

New vision, aim high, climb to the peak!