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Cast composite technology using series plastic lamination equipment of our company, in the paper, plastic film, textile cloth or aluminum foil as the substrate, PE, PP, EVA by extrusion, EAA, EMA, EMAA etc. a composite resin cast into two layers, three layers of new materials, widely used in equipment woven cloth, bags, cotton, linen, chemical fiber, non-woven cloth, gauze, paper, aluminum foil, plastic film, film production, release paper, label paper, paper cup, bowl paper, paper bags of seeds, cleaning bag paper, adhesive products, fast food box, Tetra Pak and other soft packaging substrate film composite.It can be double-sided matte lamination, lamination, surface coating and laminating, the finished film has the characteristics of fastness, good effect, uniform thickness, good sealing performance, the domestic market is currently the most popular the most practical a shower Membrane machine model.

The high speed and high efficiency single screw extruder is equipped with special screw with special mixing section, and the plasticizing effect is good and the extrusion quantity is large.

Extruder, die head automatic temperature control, temperature control precision;

The automatic feeding hopper and the non stop hydraulic fast changing net device.

High precision two-way adjustment of "T" mold, with thin edge control device;

High precision composite cold roll, the spiral sleeve forced water cooling structure, roll surface temperature error is less than or equal to - 2 DEG C.

The automatic control of gas and electricity is adopted in the clutch between the rolls.

- winding and rewinding adopt double position automatic turning, automatic tension controller brand automatic winding device, realize high speed roll diameter does not drop speed automatic roll changing;

The automatic tracking and correction of air and liquid are adopted.

- adjustable automatic tracking trimming, automatic blowing edge material collecting device;

The configuration and industrial chiller, corona processor and digital display instrument;

The whole production process is controlled by the man-machine interface automatically, which is equipped with imported AC digital vector control inverter, internationally famous brand PLC and its module control, touch-screen display and operation. The speed adjustment linkage operation of each stage is also monotonous.